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Custom Design FAQ

Custom Design Info

1. After you make your payment for your Custom designed item you will receive a receipt email which contains the links to access the custom design area. You may also access this link from the description area of the product you purchased or by clicking here

2. Once you are on the page you will go the the item you purchased you will see two buttons under the image. “Download PSD” & “EDIT WITH PICMONKEY”

DOWNLOAD PSD: This option is for advanced users with Adobe Photoshop it allows you to download a template file with design guidelines to follow to submit your own custom artwork. When you have finished your artwork return to the page and click “Submit Artwork Form” , fill out the form for the corresponding product, upload your image/s and submit it.

EDIT WITH PICMONKEY: This is for users who do not have access to photo editing software on their computer. Picmonkey is a online photo editor that is very easy to use. When you select the option to edit with picmonkey you will be automatically directed to their site where our template file will open up and you can begin editing.

If you need to lay the transparent template on top you can import the image into pic monkey after saving it to your computer from here

Transparent Pillow Template:

Transparent Beanie Template: