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Author: MOB


So as you have all noticed we have relaunched and rebranded under a new name. It’s still the same stuff on a new system, with a new look and feel but I felt it was time and I had outgrown the “Killture” name. I’ve felt very limited to designing things that fit with the name and the theme surrounding it and wanted to break free of that, so I did! M.O.B actually happens to be my initials and 84 being the year I was born. I wanted to keep it short, sweet and still easily tied to me. Have creative freedom but still recognizably branded. I have made a ton of changes to the site mainly the store area it’s a whole new system. All of my previous customers have been ported over to the new  system your emails and passwords will still work. You will however have to up date your shipping and billing address the next time you decide to check out. Your previous orders will still be processed. Here are a list of improvements we have made.


Wishlist: you can now add items to your wishlist and share your list on social networks

Your Account: you can view your past & present orders as well as view your order notes/tracking information

Products: read/view product reviews as well as view products our customers have purchased and tagged on social media

Custom Items: submit your own artwork for custom beanies, pillows, duvets (coming soon)


We have made a lot more updates that will improve checkout time and order processing as well and are working on adding new items and introducing a monthly contest!